Are Gutter Cleaning Vauccums any good? Ladders Vs Gutter Vacuum Technology

Last updated on May 1st, 2024

How many visually impaired people does it take to clean your gutternone just get mark from guttertidy to do it its just a high gutter with debris there pretty much all just pictures of gutters so your not missing much

The short answer is yes, very good. Gutter vacuums effectively clean gutters to a good standard from the ground. However, they have limitations and ladders are still needed for specific tasks. Generally, this will be determined from any gutter inspection so make sure the gutter cleaning firm you are using provides you with a video inspection first. provides these as standard free of charge.

If your gutters are blocked with general debris from overhanging trees or moss growing on your roof and your gutters are accessible, without any tiles in the way. Then go for it and get them cleaned and the pricing should be reasonable to reflect the work involved.

If however, your roofing is worn, tiles are broken and slipped or mortar has come away and caused severe blockages and growth, not to mention repairs to joints and seals then ladders are required. This then is much more time-consuming and dangerous work. Poor judgment when working from height is documented on this website. uses all methods to ensure the job is done correctly, including manual unblocking of downpipes and minor repairs. Both ways are needed for complete satisfaction. If you suspect your gutters were not adequately cleared with just a vacuum, you can book an inexpensive inspection.

wooden gutter with tiles slipped
The gutter vacuum would not clear under this tile and even jet washing would be difficult and not recommended Ladders are essential for some gutter cleaning jobs