Hard to find address: try what 3 words

Last updated on May 1st, 2024

It doesn’t happen very often but confusion can occur about where a residence is, or more precisely, the entrance to a residence is. If you have one of those hard-to-find areas, try what 3 words. It is a mapping system designed to more accurately find areas.

Visit the what 3 words website to get the exact location you need. Next time you need a tradesman round send them the 3 words link and they will be able to navigate pretty much exactly where you mean. For instance, the following link takes you exactly to the entrance for the Yad Moss Ski Club https://w3w.co/glows.greet.lifestyle

As this is being used in a non-emergency situation it is most likely that the tradesperson you send the link to will have an internet connection and it will allow them to navigate with their preferred app too. So it is not tied to having the app installed. However, it is such a useful app that it should really be part of your arsenal. it can operate in emergency environments/situations with no data and no phone signal being totally offline – providing you have access to the sky, it can use the GPS to generate the what3word address. Using compass mode you can still navigate to one too.