Shared Gutters & Downpipes

Last updated on May 1st, 2024

Shared gutters and downpipes with neighbouring properties are quite common but not everyone knows the email address of neighbours. They might be professional busy tenants, managed by an estate agent, students, vacant or you just might not get on. So coordinating work with a landlord, you and the neighbours bring their challenges.

If you’re in a situation where you need to contact a neighbour/s about shared gutters you can add a message to the flyer below and print it off. This can increase the chance of coordinating and organising any work if it spans multiple properties and gutters. There are even cloud printing services such as Clicksend which would allow you to send it through the post if you needed to.

Message Form

Leaflet Translation Methods. If you want to translate your personalised text here are two free options. The first is go to Google translate and copy and paste your translated message into the form and then print the flyer.

The second and probably the best method is to write your full message here in your language and save the flyer as a pdf. Then head to Google translate docs and upload the pdf you just saved. It will then translate everything including the headings at once and reproduce the pdf.

No printer! Sly one past the bosses at work or use the one at the library if still available. There are online services that will print and send letters for you.

Clicksend is an online print service that will print your document and send it through the post. They do give you some free credit when you sign up so you can effectively send this leaflet for free. login to their dashboard and chose the postcard option. upload the leaflet you have created here and saved as a pdf – add the address to send it to and boom! the jobs done without you lifting a finger.