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We are based in Alwoodley, Leeds and are in a position to offer FREE gutter clearing inspections for residents, within a reasonable distance. As our travel varies we may be able to tie in with another journey, so don’t hesitate to contact us and check. Using pole mounted wireless inspections cameras we can quickly view and inspect up to 3rd story guttering (approx 30 feet).  For inspections higher than this please call or email with details.

Gutter vacuum clearing up a clump of grass

Sucking in action

For clearing gutters, we use traditional and modern methods.  Powerful suction equipment and telescopic poles with over 4000 watts and 50mm tubing ensure we clear away all debris, moss, leafs, silt and blockages. For blocked downpipes, we use our telescopic jet pole to ensure your guttering is clear and functioning as should be. For small fixes and repairs, ladders are essential.

Free No Obligation Video Gutter inspection – see example inspection

Benefits of Gutter Maintenance
Most of the time with guttering you are not aware of any problems until they manifest themselves as leaks or damp patches. Our gutter clearing process is quick, efficient and inexpensive, will allow you trouble-free maintenance and to avoid expensive repairs or replacement work.  Why not call us today for a FREE no-obligation inspection.
Blocked Guttering & Problems Caused

A guttering downpipe with water damage behind

Water Damage

Blocked or overflowing gutters are not only unsightly but can lead to costly fixings in the long run. Water over spilling not only causes dampness in the upper areas of your property but if left leaking can also cause dampness in cellars and ground floors.

You can see some examples I have collected here – Leaking Guttering

 Water will find an alternate and probably more expensive path if your guttering is blocked

The extra weight caused by silt, debris and static water can cause your guttering to come away from fascias and in some cases fall from the house completely.

The Benefits of our service include

  1. Cleaning up to 3 floors without the use of ladders
  2. Video footage for peace of mind
  3. Reaches areas previously inaccessible without cherry pickers or scaffolding
  4. We can work safely from ground level
  5. Great value for money

Call 01133 20 14 10, email or use the contact form for a free no-obligation quote.

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