Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Roof Cleaning – Moss Removal.

We can clear most roofs by hand but we will always check and do an inspection first. Our process is to remove by hand to avoid chemical treatment. A biological solution is sprayed after to prevent regrowth as much as possible. This method should last a good few years. I drive past my first job and still looks good after 10. Moss growth favours north-facing and shaded roofs especially if shaded by trees, that is why you will usually have one side bad and the other not as bad.

The effects of brushing moss off the roof can be quite dramatic as the picture below shows.

roof hand cleaned
Double Romans cleaned of moss


Moss growing on roofs is, for the most part, unsightly and can provide a constant supply for clogging up your guttering. In serious cases, moss can help promote water ingress into roofs by diverting water flow and growing larger in roof tile ridges and gaps.
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