Category: Downpipe Unblocking

a blockage extracted from a downpipe.

Methods and examples of downpipes, fall pipes, drain pipes becoming blocked and how we unblock them.

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Quick flyer if you need to coordinate with a neibhbour

Sharing guttering and downpipes with neighbouring properties is quite common but not everyone knows the email address of neighbours. They might be professional busy tenants, managed by an estate agent, students or even vacant with only the mail being picked up. So coordinating work with a landlord, you and the neighbours bring their own challenges. […]

More Downpipe Woes

screws inserted right through a downpipe

It’s not too often that I can’t unblock a downpipe, only two in fact, and they were both cast iron so you are limited in what you can do. Technically speaking the figure is zero as both were flowing better but I digress. This one eventually got unblocked, but it had me puzzled until I […]

Downpipe Blockages – Some Examples

a blockage extracted from a downpipe.

Downpipe and drainpipe blockages fall into two categories for clearing, straightforward & Complex. Whilst a complex series of bends and shallow angles is theoretically fine for water in ideal conditions. It is not the case for a big lump of moss or piece of mortar that can easily become stuck and start the blockage. If […]

What Causes a Blocked Gutter

Broken pieces of mortar from ridge sliding down the roof into the gutter.

There are obvious causes for a blocked gutter, such as leaves and moss. Once these mulch down they make great compost, couple that with the cross-pollination from wind, birds, insects etc and you’ve suddenly got grass growing. Also, there are great nooks and crannies in guttering for debris to shelter and hide. Where gullies meet […]