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We are based in Alwoodley, Leeds, and specialise in gutter cleaning and clearing our services include:

  • Gutter Clearance and Cleaning
  • Downpipe Unblocking
  • Gutter Repairs & Fixes
  • We use Ladders & Vacuums

Latest Technology & Ladders

We use the latest technology to examine and clean your gutters with inspection cameras and guttervac systems. That being said ladders are essential to ensure the best possible gutter cleaning. Ground-based methods cannot move slipped tiles or repair leaking gutters.

Gutter Cleaning Inspections

Professional gutter cleaning starts with gutter inspections. Our wireless inspection cameras allow us to identify the correct type of gutter clearance required. We can quickly and safely inspect gutters up to three stories high (approx 10 meters), see the example.  For gutter inspections higher than this or any commercial gutter cleaning please call or email with details.

How We Clean & Clear Gutters

Powerful suction

For clearing & cleaning gutters we use traditional and modern methods.  Powerful guttervac suction equipment and telescopic poles with over 4000 watts and 50mm tubing ensure we clear away all debris, moss, leaves, silt and blockages.

Ladders are essential for the manual unblocking of gutters and downpipes or minor repairs.

For really difficult-to-clean gutters or obstructed areas where access with ladders is not possible, we use our telescopic jet wash to ensure your guttering is clear and functioning as it should. For small fixes, repairs and manual unblocking, ladders are essential.

Blocked Guttering & Water Damage

Brick wall damaged from not having the gutters cleaned.
water damage

Blocked or overflowing gutters are not only unsightly but can lead to costly fixings in the long run. Water spilling not only causes dampness in the upper areas of your property but if left leaking can also cause dampness in cellars and ground floors.

You can see some examples I have collected here – Leaking Guttering


Water will find an alternate and probably more expensive path if your guttering is blocked

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