Cleaning Wooden Gutters

Last updated on May 2nd, 2024

Manual Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning wooden gutters requires special attention but again nearly all resolved with the use of ladders. Nearly all the wooden guttering jobs we have cleaned have needed manual cleaning and the use of ladders. They are usually high terraces, old, and have tiles slipped down into them or tiles hanging over making it difficult to clear with the gutter vac. Finally and MOST importantly they can be rotten and debris can have its roots firmly embedded. Our quotes for clearing wooden guttering will reflect this and there will always be an inspection first. Not all wooden gutters are like this but there are enough to warrant writing about.

As you can see from some of the before and after photos it can be tricky to judge what is happening with wooden gutters. Our quotes are free because it does not take long to stick the camera up and have a look. However, you can not always identify how bad they are until you are up the ladder and clearing. All the ones in our pictures could not be cleared out with a gutter vac and required the weeds, tiles and growth to be moved or cleared manually.

As a general side note for anyone researching gutter clearing, we feel that any firm that just uses a gutter vac solely for clearing guttering might not be able to do the job properly. Don’t get us wrong these are great bits of kit but have their limitations on jobs like these.

Updated example – rotten gutter.

Did this inspection recently and even when I was on site I did not notice what I saw until compiling my quote. Once you get to about the 20-second mark you can see that the wooden guttering has rotted completely away and you can see the neighbour’s roof.