Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are touted as being self-cleaning and maintenance free but in reality and from what we have seen, birds nest under them, leave their droppings and feathers all over them & dirt and grime eventually builds up over the years.

Guttertidy provides cleaning for solar panels when you do eventually need it. Fortunately, there are many ground-based cleaning tools available which can make it really an inexpensive job, as little as £3 per panel*. Contrast that with getting on the roof to clean them.

There are many stats and figures on the internet about the improvements cleaned panels have but the good thing is you have your own readouts so you can analyse the output pre & post clean your self. However, here is one video which is a good indication of the improvements.

We use soft water-fed telescopic brushes for the panels we can reach from the ground and we can often provide an accurate quote just looking at the layout on google maps. There are instances where we will not be able to reach directly from the ground, in which case we will come out and take a look. With our access platforms, we should be able to find a way to clean them.

*£25 minimum charge applies

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