Downpipe Blockages

roots from top of a blocked downpipe

Downpipe Blockages Downpipe blockages fall into two categories for clearing, straightforward & Complex. Some downpipes are clogged up with moss, leaves and mulch. Those are the straightforward ones, where debris can be sucked out with the vacuum and then blasted with a jet of water. See the video below of a particularly satisfying unblock. No animals […]

What Causes a Blocked Gutter

roof and gutter with loose mortar.

There are some obvious causes for a blocked gutter, such as leaves and moss.Once these mulch down they make a fabulous compost, couple that with the cross pollination from wind, birds, insects etc and you’ve suddenly got grass growing. Also, there are great nooks and crannies in guttering for debris to shelter and hide. Where gullies meet the […]

Rain Water Harvesting

We all love something for free and making sure you’re collecting your rain water for use in the garden is a good Eco friendly way of getting free water for the garden. I came across this ingenious invention the other day which is definitely worth plugging. The rainwater hub channels rain water collection as normal, […]