Busman’s Holiday

There are often times and places we pass through regularly with the work van that is not strictly for work. Notably, if we are going mountain biking/walking in peaks or lakes or even heading to the North Pennines for some skiing at Yad Moss to name a few, but generally any journey in my mind […]

Repairs & Fixes- What we can do and can’t do.

It’s not always just blockages and dirt that are causing issues with the guttering. Sometimes seals are missing, brackets have come away other small issues happen that need fixing. We will always try to attempt to figure out whats happening and fix where we can. Sometimes, however, the issue is larger and cannot be sorted […]

Downpipe Blockages

roots from top of a blocked downpipe

Downpipe Blockages Downpipe blockages fall into two categories for clearing, straightforward & Complex. Some downpipes are clogged up with moss, leaves and mulch. Those are the straightforward ones, where debris can be sucked out with the vacuum and then blasted with a jet of water. See the video below of a particularly satisfying unblock. No animals […]