Gutter Spares (search)

List of Some common Gutter Profiles.

Below is a list of common guttering profiles. Just be careful about sizes and whether your part attaches internally to your guttering or on the out outside. If you click on the thumbnail images it will go to eBay with the search already filled out for you. Any size variations can be filled in on eBay. Failing this list there is a google search tool below, tuned to show image results from guttering suppliers.

Profile NameImage
Half Round Internal 112mmHalf Round Internal 112mm
Half-Round External 112mmHalf Round Stop End
Square Gutter External 114mmSquare Gutter End Cap
Square Gutter Internal 114mm Square Gutter Internal 114mm

Google image search

The search defaults to images to help identify the right parts. Search with a good description to improve results. i.e. brown ogee gutter stop end cap.