Downpipe Blockages – Some Examples

Last updated on May 1st, 2024

Downpipe and drainpipe blockages fall into two categories for clearing, straightforward & Complex. Whilst a complex series of bends and shallow angles is theoretically fine for water in ideal conditions. It is not the case for a big lump of moss or piece of mortar that can easily become stuck and start the blockage. If it is just organic and cant is reached we can flush it out. see the video below for a satisfying unblock.

More complex blockages require manual clearance, foreign objects such as the kid’s tennis balls 😀 can get jammed up there. Often it will be a piece of broken mortar or screws being used to hold the downpipe together. These are the type of half-blockages that creep up on you until they eventually become in the top 3 list.

Flushing a downpipe to ensure it’s unblocked and working
A guttering hopper that sits on top of the gutter downpipe This was full to the brim of sludge When cleared it revealed a tennis ball sized ball wedged in the downpipe aperture
Couldnt see this until all the debris was sucked from on top of this

Here are my  top 3 satisfying manual unblocks

Number 3 from the top

A plant pulled from the top of a guttering downpipe you can see the healthy root system for about a foot
No 3 Best downpipe unblock

Number 2 From the water butt connector

Number 1

A blockage removed from a guttering downpipe The blockage is so large and was extracted following the first two bends in the downpipe
Number 1