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[caption id="attachment_3935" align="alignleft" width="100"]sand washed away from the tiles builds up an inch of silt. Fingers run through to demonstrate 15mm of sandy sludge[/caption]

Various, tips stories and examples from the jobs at some interesting gutter clearances if you’re interested in that kind of thing

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Quick flyer if you need to coordinate with a neibhbour

Sharing guttering and downpipes with neighbouring properties is quite common but not everyone knows the email address of neighbours. They might be professional busy tenants, managed by an estate agent, students or even vacant with only the mail being picked up. So coordinating work with a landlord, you and the neighbours bring their own challenges. […]

Nesting Birds & Gutter Clearance

Gutter cleaning Leeds leaflet. guttertidy business.

Nesting birds are not generally nesting in the gutter themselves, they are usually under the eves or in a nook somewhere. However, Do let us know if you suspect birds are nesting. It is very important from a safety point of view to be forewarned, especially when working from ladders. This will not stop us […]

Ladders Vs Gutter Vacuum Technology

How many visually impaired people does it take to clean your gutter...none, just get mark from guttertidy to do it :-). its just a high gutter with debris, there pretty much all just pictures of gutters so your not missing much.

Gutter vacuums are effective for clearing gutters to a good standard. However, they have limitations and ladders are still needed for specific tasks. uses all methods to ensure the job is done correctly, including manual unblocking of downpipes and minor repairs. Both ways are needed for complete satisfaction. If you suspect your gutters were […]

Hard to find address: try what 3 words

what 3 words logo

It doesn’t happen very often but confusion can occur about where a residence is, or more precisely, the entrance to a residence is. If you have one of those hard-to-find areas, try what 3 words. It is a mapping system designed to more accurately find areas. Visit the what 3 words website to get the […]

Repairs & Fixes – What we can do.

blocked downpiped caused by gutter too long

It’s not always just blockages and dirt that are causing issues with the guttering. Sometimes seals are missing, brackets have come away other small issues happen that need fixing. We will always try to attempt to figure out what’s happening and fix where we can. Sometimes, however, the issue is larger and cannot be sorted […]

More Downpipe Woes

screws inserted right through a downpipe

It’s not too often that I can’t unblock a downpipe, only two in fact, and they were both cast iron so you are limited in what you can do. Technically speaking the figure is zero as both were flowing better but I digress. This one eventually got unblocked, but it had me puzzled until I […]