Repairs & Fixes- What we can do and can’t do.

It’s not always just blockages and dirt that are causing issues with the guttering. Sometimes seals are missing, brackets have come away other small issues happen that need fixing. We will always try to attempt to figure out whats happening and fix where we can. Sometimes, however, the issue is larger and cannot be sorted by us. Guttering seems to have a wide variety of problematic areas, from poor installation to general wear and tear.

I’ve put a couple of pictures of some of the more interesting issues that were fixed at and some that we couldn’t.

The Forgetful builder

Even though this technically was not the right way to install guttering, we figured the builder had improvised because they did not want to add extra joints for such a small gap, therefore they spanned the top of the downpipe with a length of guttering. Presumably, they were going to drill through to allow flow into the downpipe. This part, of course, got overlooked and after discussing this with the homeowner, we agreed it was best to drill through too.

The Leaky Overflow Pipe

Whilst this property did have a blocked guttering and downpipes it was the overflow pipes causing the constant problem. Not visible from the ground as placed over the hopper. It was only when up close that you could see that the drip coming from the overflow pipe was falling back on itself and the seeping down the wall. Anyway, a bit of quick thinking from the owner who suggested putting angle joints on to force the drip down and that’s what we did.

Badly Hung, Warped & Bowed Guttering

There are times when clearing the guttering is only going to help temporarily. Often around bay windows and on the corners of the house, the guttering does not have enough incline to allow for a good flow.  Sadly, these issues are beyond our scope to fix. However,  with our modern clearing methods setting up a regular cleaning can help you keep on top, without going down the costly new guttering stage.

warped and bowed gutter

warped and bowed


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