Rain Water Harvesting

We all love something for free and make sure you’re collecting your rainwater for use in the garden is a good Eco-friendly way of getting free water for the garden. I came across this ingenious invention the other day which is definitely worth plugging. The rainwater hub channels rainwater collection as usual, through guttering and down-pipes. However, it is mounted above the height of your target water butt you intend to fill and uses gravity and a hose to fill up the butt.

Because of the height, it will allow gravity to move the collected water up to 150 meters away. This means your water butt can be stored where needed, may be out of sight or to a more needed place in the garden, or free up patio space.  It also allows for modular siphoning, allowing you to string several (or infinite) water butts together and construct a water butt farm.

sadly this no longer being made at this website