Ladders Vs Gutter Vacuum Technology

Gutter vacuums are great for the customer as it means the job of clearing gutters is generally going to get done to a good standard, whichever firm you use. When the conditions are right for the gutter vacuum than they are fantastic pieces of kit and there should be no worries.

However, they are not without limitations and often, as we have found out there is still a need for ladders. use all methods to clear guttering to ensure the job gets done correctly. Not to mention the gullies, sections of roofs, small repairs or manual unblocking of downpipes which all required the use of ladders.

In summary, you need both to ensure complete satisfaction or peace of mind. If you have had your gutters cleared with just a vacuum and suspect it may have not been adequate you can book an inexpensive dedicated inspection that is not tied into a quote.

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