Hardest Jobs!

The most difficult gutters we’ve had to clean were below. As you can see the conservatory is surrounded by the house and the garage making access extremely difficult. To compound the issue; as the owners were not able to find anyone to clean it before, it had been left for some considerable time, This growth was packed under the conservatory roof edge making it extremely difficult to clean properly.

Hard to reach conservatory gutter surrounded by main house and garage. Basically tough!

Difficult Access

Otherside of the conservatory backing onto the garage. Very tough to clear!

From the other side

Even though there was some access from the top of the garage roof the amount of compacted roots and soil made this a very time-consuming process. The Vac was good at getting out big clumps but had to fish out the with a gutter hook and pole.

Using the gutter vac to suck out dirt horizontally

Sucking out Horizontally

What you can’t see is the same amount of dirt again under the lip of the conservatory roof.

As the conservatory panes hang over the gutter, dirt accumulates underneath - so difficult to clear!

Lots more dirt under the conservatory lip

Hard conservatory gutter cleared


Let’s not forget about the rest of the house too!

At guttertidy.co.uk we like to think there is no gutter we can’t clean

Snow Guards & Other Obstacles
This is not intended to be a lesson on how to clean difficult access gutters but suffice to say we have lots of kit that can overcome most of the problems we face.