Downpipe Blockages

Downpipe Blockages

Downpipe blockages fall into two categories for clearing, straightforward & Complex. Some downpipes are clogged up with moss, leaves and mulch. Those are the straightforward ones, where debris can be sucked out with the vacuum and then blasted with a jet of water. See the video below of a particularly satisfying unblock.

No animals were harmed in the making of this film!

Others can be more complex with objects blocking the spout at the top, from tennis balls to mortar – To Debris amassing up the fall pipe from the drain upwards. These involve manually clearing from the top or the bottom.

Ball clogging top of downpipe

Couldn’t see this until all the debris was sucked from ontop of this.

Here are the my  top 3 satisfying manual unblocks

Number 3 from the top

roots from top of a blocked downpipe

No 2 Best downpipe unblock

Number 2 From the middle

Number 1

A downpipe blocked with weeds, next to the downpipe the weeds removed with the same outline as the downpipe

Without question Number 1. The root system was so established it was halfway down the fall pipe. It came out though!